I was fortunate to discover my love for making photographs very early in life along with drawing & painting. Ultimately I enrolled in a 3 year graphic design program after high school that had a very strong photography component to it.

That education in design principles has only helped me to define my own photography style and allows me to really focus on honing my skills as a storyteller. In my personal work I am largely influenced by my years studying art history, particularly the Renaissance and Baroque periods contrasted with contemporary photographers and mixed together with 20 years experience working in Adobe Photoshop.

In 2007 I moved to Northern California from NY and quickly realized that I found myself in one of the most beautiful areas in North America both in its natural beauty but also in its wonderful cultural diversity. The Bay Area offers a bounty of inspiration and I have found myself drawn to the ocean over and over again using it to refuel my creative stores.

As a photographer I am passionate about people and love to take images of them that they feel captures who they are. I specialize in portraits, dance and theatrical headshots.

Storytelling is a huge part of photography and what better way to tell stories than with film. I am now offering films to families as a way to preserve memories and to artists and small businesses as a promotional tool.

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