Role Models

Growing up I had one of the best role models a woman could have, my mum. I truly can’t speak what is in my heart but I can express it through a short film I recently did on her. She was the glue that kept our family together for as long as it did. Her courage and tenacity in all things fuels my own strengths but it is her enormous heart and love of life that touches me the most. Here she is in her element, on her farm, where I hope she can stay for another decade.


Portrait of a Painter

I feel like I am one of the luckiest girls alive most days, I get to do what I love and meet people like Larry Fodor. Then I get to tell their story my way. It truly doesn’t get much better than that.

In May Mark and I traveled to Santa Fe NM to spend a few days with his ex-brother-in-law. I had met Larry on a couple of occasions but didn’t spend enough time with him to really get a sense of who he was. As soon as we walked in his studio, it felt like I had known him my entire life. It is one thing to see his paintings on a computer screen at 27″, it is an entirely different experience to see them live in all their 8 foot glory.

Like Larry I communicate through my own art forms so rather than tell you how much I love his work, let me show you. Make sure you check out his website and see where he is exhibiting.


Once on This Island Sitzprobe

This was a last minute job that I was thrilled to get. Not only is the music infectious but it gave my confidence a much needed boost in being able to persue paying video projects.
Don’t know what a sitzprobe is? Watch the video and find out. After that if you are interested in seeing the show go to


Family Portrait Video Session

I can’t beleive I have neglected to post this. Every year I go beack to Quebec to visit my family. Last year I decided to shoot some video of my sister’s family during the visit. By the end of the week I had shot 100GB of video footage and had the task of editing which I put off for months. In October we were flying back East and all the family was meeting up in the Poconos and I wanted to present the video to my sister personally to see their reactions. I am not sure who shed more tears as I watched them watch the video but I do know it was one of those very special moments I will never forget. I hope you like it.


30 Second Promo Reel

Over the last year I have been shooting behind the scenes video footage of Mark working his magic with clients so that we could create a promo reel that truly captures the essence of our working style. Video is a whole different beast from still shooting and then there is the editing which really separates the home movies from the short films. I am working on several Video Portraits that I will feature upon completion but in the meantime here is our first promo reel, it is 30 seconds and focuses almost exclusively on our theatre and music clients but we will be doing more.


From Spamalot to Cabaret

From August 28th to Sept. 10th we had a pretty busy 2 weeks of shooting. It started with Spamalot at Hillbarn Theatre here in Foster City. The next night we braved the Bay Area traffic jam during the Bay Bridge closure to get to Fort Point and photograph our dear friends in Macbeth. Then we drove down to Pismo to photograph a wedding at the gorgeous Dana Powers Barn. After a couple days doing family stuff in Mission Viejo we drove back home and shot Shrek at Diablo Theatre Company.

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One of the things that I love to do when I am not shooting for clients is to shoot long exposure images at the beach. It is a way to relax while doing something I love and the resulting images have incredible tones and milky white oceans. The problem that arises during shooting long exposures during daylight with ND filters is also that there are normally other people around that randomly walk into frame.

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30 Days of Happy

So at the end of January I was glued to my computer screen as I watched the ever creative Hailey Bartholomew teach her style of film shooting and editing on the learning forum CreativeLive. It was a bit of a slow time for us which really allowed me to explore filmmaking both through my own lens and by researching other filmmakers on Vimeo and Youtube. I spent days shooting hummingbirds and lovely little objects that looked interesting. We took day trips to the beach and Redwoods to get more and more footage. Every time we went out I grabbed my camera and Fig Rig. The more I learned the more my mind exploded with other ideas but I had to rein it all in for this project and just focus on finishing it without burying myself in clips. There was really no theme other than 30 days of shooting so the challenge was to create something that looked cohesive but still expressed the diverse and rich life I get to live on a daily basis. It was a wonderful struggle that left 95% of what I shot on the floor(including my previous video), never to see the light of day. I have a long way to go but am excited to continue down this path. Please look for more videos in the near future but in the mean time here is my 30 Days of Film


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